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June 1

Do you feel the protection of cupid’s arrow?

Are you willing to create your own abundance?


Love is the power held in the bow

The quiver with arrow sharp

The archer’s eyes keen

Arrow finding its mark

Flesh pierced

Life’s blood dripping

Kindness healing the wound

Love found


This is a time of active energy when it comes to love. Knowing one’s own desires and feelings, acknowledging those feeling and desires in a deep and healthy way will open the doors to worlds of wonder. Finding the ability to say no when no is the answer calling to you, and reveling in the answer when it is yes. Being active in the creation of what will come is the key to the joy offered. Listen to the intuition offered when it comes to the choices in front of you. Acknowledge and embrace the change that you create.

Cupid’s arrow protects as much as Pierces


A mantra offered from the heart:

“I make my choice clear of heart

My mind is keen and awake

In this moment I am love, pure and joyous “


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