June 29

What would you surrender for the one that you love?

What would you invite the one you love to surrender for you?


Ideally love would require no surrender or sacrifice at all. But as in every relationship there may come a time for give and take. The love energy for the week to come may call for surrender or sacrifice for the greater good of the relationship. This may not work for you, but be aware of the greater good, as always you are at choice, be true to your heart..


The path ahead promises abundance and joy.

The heart feels a new energy for partnership.

And there is conflict in the head.


What this means is there may be a tendency to overthink and over react. Allow time and space for the energies of conflict to dissipate before reacting..


Is your heart ready to open and allow the new energies of partnership and love?


These energies are not necessarily for new love but may be for the love you already feel for another. Doors will open enticing you to venture to new place just on the other side..


What is hidden is the abundance that you already have. In the week to come find space and time to be still and quiet and think of all the blessings you have been offered..


What has yet to be revealed is that your intelligence will serve to counteract your emotions when it comes time to honor love. Honoring love may be the highest calling of all..


I propose this mantra with all the joy and love I feel in my heart;

“I offer of myself freely for the one that I love”





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