June 8

Is this a time for you to see beyond the masks the others wear?

Is this a time for you to remove your mask for others to see you transparent and beautiful?


New beginnings at times call for old stories to be put on the shelf. Never forgetting the past that brought you to this place but also remembering the path you’re walking is new and untried.


A great gift is about to be presented, keep your eyes are open and you may see this gift for what it is. A heart open to new love energies dances into your view and these energies may bring a dynamic partnership opening to creativity. Do be aware that ego may come up in this partnership, this is a challenge to be overcome but more importantly this is a great gift to learn from and this gift offers the potential for wonderful expansion and growth in more ways than can be imagined.


Still hidden from your view is the clarity of your mind and how you will see the bigger picture from the eagle eye view. Be patient, all will be as it’s intended to be, relax and allow your love to flow.


I offer this Mantra on this Sunny Sunday morning;

“I create in partnership

 I expand in cooperation”


With my heart on my sleeve



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