May 18

What is it you dream of when love comes into your awareness?
Is there passion in every breath you take?

The energies of love and intimacy wish for us to remove our masks, to display our wildest authenticity, to acknowledge our passions and desires, and to open ourselves to receiving love and joy. Our willingness to be seen transparently invites joyous celebrations, especially when we align and join in communion with our soul-community. Being caught up with too much rationalization (judgment) will just cloud our receptivity. The path of the heart remains true. All of this sounds like a delicate balance of what seems to be opposing forces at times, and yes, it is.

Can you remove your masks and open your heart to another, even with no guarantee of reciprocity? 

In the days to come you may discover doors opening, revealing beauty and joy. Perhaps a door may allow you access to a dream you’ve nurtured. You must be willing to risk the safety of your heart. There are no guarantees, but the joys you receive with one as loyal and transparent as yourself may be profound. You are worthy of love. The Universe will return to you that which you give. There is plenty of time, and no need to hurry.

I offer this intimate mantra:
“I remove my mask for another to see me. I open my eyes and heart to see and feel others as they BE.”

Transparent and True
~Dana and Denise~

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