Oracle Love Blessings for August 24

Do you give yourself permission to speak your own truth?

August 24

Delicious conflict maybe on the way. There is no need to shy away from heated words; energetic emotional exchange offers growth and understanding as long as ego is set aside and loving thoughtful self-expression is allowed to flow free.  Conflict can be the catalyst for growth. Indeed the creativity of love and conflict may shine in the days to come.

“Conflict is indeed an element of love and should not be avoided but embraced with joy and wild abandon”

~Dana Nöllsch~

Even in conflict relationships need to be honored, be sure to take the time to shine your light on your Beloveds. What is waiting for your discovery is that the light your Beloveds will shine upon you.

I offer you these words as a mantra for this loving day:

My words have power

My power comes from love

I listen with intent to the words of my Beloved

We share and love with joy and heat

Coming together with deeper understanding

~Dana Nöllsch~