Oracle Blessings for August 29

We have Diane as our guest reader for today offering her wise council and intuitive reading..

August 29

The essence of yesterday composts today with the flavor of painful endings. Ah you’ve worked so hard to put the past behind you and ever it seems to be steeped at your feet. Fear not that the painful past is looming ever large for surely all the progress that you’ve made is beginning to shine forth. There was much to be resolved from the past with the feelings of betrayal and deception. Feel the warm glows of empathy in your heart for the world around you as the stages of prosperity begin to unfold. Give unto others with a forgiving heart and know that does not mean reentering the past for it is gone… gone…. gone. Expect no return when giving but give freely thus therein lies the reward in and of itself.

Now is the time to honor the self with rest and restful play. Recharging the soul through deep play and deep rest will clear away the storms of yesterday. In all that you do honor yourself and in doing so you will honor others. Respect yourself!