Oracle of Divination daily draw for March 4th 2014

March 4

What is abundance to you?

How will you know when you have it?

Does money equal abundance? This is a haunting question for so many. Ask yourself this question today and really listen to your answer..

Source offers all you need and it is for you to ask today, open your eyes to see what you perceive you want, go deeper in your vision. But if you try too hard to see you may lose your voice to speak..

Connect to the earth today, take a walk and feel your creativity flowing in your veins. Here your eyes may open in ways long forgotten. Be aware of the anger this day will offer you as well. This anger will distract you from connection to the earth and opening your eyes as you walk. Ask yourself where that anger is coming from..

In your heart the exhaustion you feel is temporary but feels so powerful. Be kind to yourself and nurture your heart with love..

What you feel as unfair will open to unexpected revelations. This is a gift but you may not see it that way at first glance..

I offer you this mantra with love and joy:

“I am offered the abundance I need as long as my eyes are open to see. There is creativity in the steps I take as I walk opening my eyes even wider to the joy this life offers”