Oracle of Divination draw for the week of March 3rd through March 10th

March 3

Have you felt like an outsider?

Do you want to be part of the “In” crowd?

This week promises to be one of blending in. Feeling the joy of working and sharing the energy of the group will bring you much joy and feelings of accomplishment.  This collaboration will be the focus of your week if you choose it to be, there is a strong calling for this as there will be lessons to be learned..

Start this week by looking at where you could use some help with a project or with your feelings. Help is just a whisper away..

The week will end with the opportunity to take a chance, a leap of faith. Taking this chance will lead to the feeling of being restricted and held down. This opportunity is one of great energy drawing you in and perhaps taking control of your decision. Be discerning in the choice you make..

A mantra for you this day to consider beloveds:

“I walk this week with my friends by my side, becoming one in form and function”