Oracle on Business August 18

 When was the last time you stopped.. just to listen?

Perhaps just to listen to yourself?

August 18

As you listen closely you will hear the words with more clarity than ever,  remembering back to when you first started your journey and the lessons you’ve learned that will bring further clarity to the words that you are  hearing  now.

How will you improve what you do every day?

With this clarity of sight this is a great time to look back on what has worked and what hasn’t worked, bringing in the best of what you know to perfect everything you touch.


“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

~ Ernest Hemingway~


What you may not be aware of is the support that you have, Friends and partners and other members of your tribe and community are there to be called on anytime you need to support.

Along with your clear vision comes clarity of your dreams. Take the time to make your goals and do not hesitate to go big.


As the work week starts I offer you this mantra:

My ear is to the ground

I here what is coming

There is skill in my hands

I create with cunning