Oracle on Business August 25

What face do you show to those who come to you?

What is seen when people walk through your door?

August 25

This is a good time to be aware of your reputation. Take some time and solitude to contemplate how you wish to be seen. Follow your heart as to how you will show up to those around you. Your reputation will be earned by swift decisive moves.

“By the time you have open the door your reputation has already entered the room”

~Dana Nöllsch~


You may feel the calling to disassemble much of what you have created only to reassemble it in the manner in which you choose. When you choose this path be prepared for the fallout to come.


Hear the words of this mantra even before they are spoken:

I invite words to be spoken

Of the deeds that I do

With honest transparency

I create and serve

~Dana Nöllsch~