Oracle on Business July 14

July 14.jpg

Where does inspiration come from?


As this week starts; open to the inspiration that may take you to a place of creativity and creation. Inspiration can take many forms; this week it may come out of the blue seemingly from nowhere. It is not for you to judge the source but for you to follow your heart..


Are you ready to be inspired?


Keeping your head clear, taking your new inspiration to heart, nurturing the ideas with an open mind will serve you well. As you move from inspiration to creation you may find judgment and if your new ideas hold weight there will be celebration..


What is hidden is the conflict may arise, take control and be careful of the influence of others as their motivation may be fueled by fear and envy..


Is creation calling to you?


I am inspired to offer you this mantra;


“I see clearly what it is to create

My hands are ready to build my dream

Innovation calls to me”