Oracle on Business July 16

july 16


Who is it that you are listening to?

Are they the kind of person you aspire to be?


As we walk our path there are times when wise counsel serves us well. Be it a friend, a coach, or a colleague there is a definite benefit to receiving a different perspective. This word of caution; at the end of the day make sure the choices you make are your own choices, inspired perhaps by others but residing deep in your own heart..


In my solitude I find solace, In companionship I find inspiration, when  offered both I rejoice.

 ~Dana Nollsch


Feeling alone in your journeys can sometimes take its toll. Desiring more, wishing to be protected, but knowing that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals. Have faith that all you have worked for and aspire to achieve will come your way, but it may look a little different than you thought it would in the beginning. This feeling of being out of balance is natural..


The conflict that you are currently feeling may be coming from your tendencies to stick to a certain dogma that is not serving you as well as it should. There is a change to be made but not drastic and not sudden. Look to your team for help and guidance..


Today’s Mantra; served with inspiration:


“I hear the words offered

Listening with keen intent

Inspiration flows as goals are met”


Listening keenly



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