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July 2

Who is it that you serve? 

What are the needs of your clients or customers in this moment?


One of the most important aspects of your business are your clients and your customers. There are times when there are dramatic shifts and changes in who your clients and customers are and what their needs may be. During these times if you are aware of those shifts you will be better enabled to adjust your business model to accommodate the new challenges..


 All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns. –Bruce Lee


The energy of businesses in this moment is one of change, the foundation of your business is strong the walls may come down for a while; this is exactly the way it should be. The challenge of feeling uneasy and off-balance may be very apparent and uncomfortable. Working through this time of off-balance will bring you to a place of stability, inviting in a time when things will be easy, as easy as taking your next breath..


Are your eyes open to the possibility’s you may never have even thought of?


What is hidden is a great opportunity that is in front of you. You may not readily see this opportunity unless your eyes are open and you’re looking. Open your eyes to see the possibilities..


What is yet to be revealed is how your own humility will serve you best..


I offer this mantra.

“At times of change I am flexible like bamboo

When I stumble I rise back up and move forward without a tear”


Wishing you prosperity this day and in the days to come



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