Oracle on Business July 9

July 9

What does stability mean to you when it comes to your business?

What will you sacrifice for the feeling of stability?


You may feel this in this coming week that you are traveling far, perhaps risking much. This is where you may want to weigh out how important stability is compare to the potential for expansion.

Recognition may be coming your way but along with that unforeseen doors may open. Discernment calls when you choose what door to walk through, there is a higher purpose for what you are creating and many choices in front of you.

Nurture your intellectual property. Your ideas and creativity have the potential to take you very far.


Now we talk once again about stability. In the coming week there is cause to be cautious about the risks that are taken. This does not mean for you not to take any risks at all but be discerning when it comes to the risks you do choose.

Can there be potential in a place that lies far away? 

It may be good to keep your eyes open and look to the distance for what is coming next.

I offer you this mid-week mantra;

“The ground under my feet shakes

My heart races

This is the time to move forward

Adventure awaits”


Wishing for you abundance and adventure