June 11

Are you inspired with a new idea?

Where did that new idea come from?


Inspiration may come in many forms. At times it may be as simple as a silhouette on an evening walk. Other times seeing a void that can be filled by what you have to offer. Inspiration often is just there to inspire..


This is a great time to explore that new idea. Be very critical as you fall into exploration, wise counsel maybe whispered in your ear and your heart may take hold. Pay attention to that feeling in your gut..


 Do you feel off-balance when you examine the ramifications of moving forward with what your heart is calling you to?


There’s a reason that this idea comes to you, unfortunately the reason is not to bring the idea to fruition but only to examine the various aspects and see how they pertain to your current way of doing things. The lessons to be learned will come from examining the naked truth, let go of your filters and let go of your ego and see things from the perspective of purity and truth. There is no reason to punish yourself for motivation without creation..


I offer this mantra as this week finds its peak;

“I open to the truth that is offered this day

I lay my cards on the table

I will learn from the things that will never be done”





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