june 25

How will your skill at the diplomacy make an impact today?

How do you feel when you are challenged?


Challenges can come in many forms. Some of these challenges come from the outside, as in one person questioning another. Other challenges may come from the inside, as in one questioning one self. Many of these challenges, if not all, offer opportunity for growth.


Are you ready to embrace growth today?


Today the cards reveal the path of knowing when you have had enough. Perhaps today is the time to share your abundance.

Finding room in your heart to appreciate others and how they have opened you to growth, helping you in achieving your goals. This is a great time to celebrate their generosity.

With your hands you may rebuild what has been tore down, remembering this is the time for redesign.

And perhaps giving your head a break; there is no reason today to look deeply into the mysteries in front of you.


What is hidden from your view is the importance of teamwork today. You may at first think that you can do this alone but open yourself to the possibility of bringing others into the project. This may bring you the feeling that you are “babysitting” but the truth is the energy of the group will offer so much more than your energy alone.


I offer you this mantra;

“Today I will grow when tested

Today I will lead and encourage others to grow as well”