June 4


Why are you resisting the bigger you?


Is there fear of losing who you are in this moment if you embrace the bigger you to come?



The conflict and tendency to second guess and punish oneself for the hard decisions when moving forward; at times will stop that forward momentum. When strong in your resolve and sure of your motivation the conflict dissipates and then one own ones the choices with integrity..


“There is no need to let the discomfort of transformation stop your forward progression”


Showing yourself in your best light will certainly serve your higher calling. You are brilliant and what you create is beautiful, it is time to let others see what you have to offer them. Being visible and transparent will serve your path today..


Have you felt the isolation of being alone in the vision of “Bigger”?

Gather your team; allow your team the buy-in and ownership for the growth you feel coming. Share that vision with all you encounter today..



A Mantra to start your day:

“I am embracing my bigger self

I am more than I could have ever imagined

I will show all who wish to see the bigger me”


Wishing you abundance this day



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