June 9

Do you feel that you are set in your ways?

Does the thought of change bring you to conflict?

 Conflict comes in many guises, the smiling man with the out stretched hand and much more behind his back, your own inner demons whispering doubt and sorrow, and at times the violence of one on one confrontation..


As the workweek starts be aware of treachery. There may be another with desires to covet what they perceive is yours. Shining bright, share your light but remember that you are your own light not to be diminished by another’s desires..


The path ahead promises conflict but in your heart there is a desire for celebration. The conflict that arises can be easily squelched and replaced with celebration, if that is your choice..


There’s an opportunity to change the way you do things in a radical manner. In this change look to someone who is tireless and motivated to serve. This relationship will be beneficial to all concerned as long as there is radical transparency and brilliant communication..

Can you make that change today as easily as taking your next breath?

This is especially a  good time to be open to wise counsel from someone who knows. Be aware of your own feelings of entitlement, these feelings will definitely not serve you in this moment. Be a sponge with all that is offered with respect and honor the wisdom at your doorstep..


A Mantra for today;

“I celebrate the challenge

I step into the conflict

I listen with an open mind

I dance in celebration”


Shining my light




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