May 28


What are you afraid of?

Is fear stopping you or is fear driving you?


Fear serves a purpose that purpose is to keep us safe, but there are times when we are compelled to move beyond the fear. In our work and business lives this compulsion may serve us at times. As entrepreneurs this compulsion drives us to move beyond what was thought possible.


Can your fear be a tool in creating the abundance you seek?


New ideas are just around the bend as we walk our path but there may be a reluctance to take that next step. If the choice is to take that step into new creativity; those ideas will shine bright and perhaps even take on a life of their own. Be aware of balance, temper the power needed to forge your creation with the delicate hand of an artist to perceive the details.


A mantra for your work day;

“I feel the fear as I create what calls to me. The fear brings awareness but does not halt the creativity that calls to me”



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