May 30

Are you feeling confident today?

What does confidence feel like?


The air of confidence comes from inside and shines on the outside. Confidence may not be knowing that you will be triumphant but having the assuredness that you have the abilities to succeed if that calls to you..

Passionate words may get in the way today. Taking a Step back before speaking and seeing from an outsiders point of view may serve this day well..

 “The darkness that the heart feels need not be on display”


What may not be apparent is that this is a great time for a change, re-branding in some small way. Even though small this change may trigger abundance in ways you could never have imagined..

How is your confidence shining for all to see?

I offer this mantra for you knowing that your light is bright;

 “I know my strength, I know my weakness, I let both shine and light my way”


Inviting all to see the confidence that shines