Oracle on Business September 1

Have you received what you feel is due?

September 1

This week your head may be in the clouds, be careful not to let your quest for more, color your kind words and honorable actions.

In truth you may not be entitled to receive anything. All that is coming to you must be earned. Relationships come into play; there is a true friendship on the way that promises to serve both of you very well.

What it is that you truly desire is waiting to be served, but again what is waiting must be earned, this week there are no gifts.

Hidden is how much is truly necessary. Just enough and you can run free and swift, too much and it’s only baggage slowing you down.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

~ Albert Einstein~

What is yet to be revealed is who or what you truly serve.

Have you created a monster taking more than giving?

This is the time to honor and nurture the business you have created allowing growth in a healthy way, knowing that perfect balance that frees your soul.

As I honor what I have created, I offer you this mantra:

I feel the beautiful balance

Of abundance and freedom

The bags I carry

Are not too heavy

~Dana Nöllsch~