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Dana’s Cards, January 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing several Oracle Readings for friends, clients, and students regarding the year to come. This morning on this first day of the New Year, I share my own personal reading of the year to

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Love Oracle, December 28

I greet this morning thinking of the many facets that love may bring. Remembering the wonderful journey that I have taken to be in this place at this time, I am thankful for all the twists and turns that my

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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for December 10

Where do you notice that you’re tripping all over yourself? There’s a deeper knowing emerging from the patterns in your comedy of errors. Your heart holds a vision and mission for what your life may be. Within your heart-wisdom lies your

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Business Oracle, December 8

Are you open to growth? Are you satisfied with things just the way they are? There are times when growth for growth’s sake will not serve in the long run. Moving forward does not always mean expansion; there are times

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Love Oracle, December 7

When you think of love, what is it that comes to mind? When you think of abundance what is it that comes to mind? When you put the two together, love and abundance, what is it that comes to mind?

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Oracle Blessings. December 6

As I prepare to pull the cards for this morning’s reading I contemplate the full moon energy of this weekend. In some cultures the last moon of the calendar year is called the Long Nights Moon; long dark nights ripe

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Oracle Blessings, December 4

Are you happy doing what you are doing? Do you wish that you could make a change? Indeed, these are big questions. It makes me wonder what it is that keeps us stuck in places that will not feed our

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Oracle Blessings, December 2

When you hear the word death what emotions come to the surface? Today I pulled one card from the Crowley Tarot deck, and that card was the death card. In this card the meaning is much deeper than the single

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Business Oracle, December 1

Has anger and disappointment brought you to the brink of exasperation? These emotions are normal and in many ways they can be healthy. Suppressing these emotions may in time destroy us from the inside, finding a way to vent these

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Oracle Blessings, November 29

What is it that is influencing you? Have you felt the desire to take back your own power? Society influences and pulls us in certain directions, there are times that these directions just do not feel right for us. In

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