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Love Oracle, January 4

Tonight we celebrate the Full Moon, the Wolf Moon. Feeling her energies and opening up our hearts to the light that she will shine upon us. This Wolf Moon will activate emotions and if allowed may also invite conflict. Be

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Business Oracle, December 22

This morning we ask the cards what the week may hold in regards to our business relationships. This may also reflect on our personal relationships as well.   Even with all the distractions that surround us, can you keep your

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Love Oracle, December 21

Today we celebrate not only the first day of winter, but we also celebrate the passing of the New Moon; passing from Waning to Waxing. In this time we stop letting go and start drawing in.   Have you taken

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Business Oracle, December 15

Do you know your place? Do you really fit on an organizational chart? In the week to come it will become very apparent that hierarchy matters. This is a wakeup call for you to take a look at where you

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Love Oracle, December 14

Do you feel as though you are walking a tight rope? Could you use a helping hand to balance as you journey across the precipice? Today we draw one single card; taking a look at what Love may offer in

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Oracle Blessings, December 13

What will it take for you to trust your intuition? Are you willing to look beyond the filters that keep you from seeing what should be so very clear? Salmon enters this morning’s draw to tell us of the potential

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Oracle Blessings, December 11

Can you be strong in your convictions? Today, Kuan Yin whispers to us to be strong in what we hold true in our hearts and souls. Others around us may exercise influence to push and pull in direction that are

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Oracle Blessings, December 9

Are you ready to confront your fear? Confidence may be tested today as the time is right to confront what has been avoided. The Wild Boar is reminding us to quit avoiding the inevitable. We already possess the courage needed

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Business Oracle, December 1

Has anger and disappointment brought you to the brink of exasperation? These emotions are normal and in many ways they can be healthy. Suppressing these emotions may in time destroy us from the inside, finding a way to vent these

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Business Oracle, November 24

Are you seeing clearly? Is there something that you are missing? Intuition can be a great tool, even though there may be very little facts to back up what you feel. When it comes to business decisions often time’s intuition

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