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Oracle Blessings, January 24

This morning I share my personal reading with you. Exploring the cards for personal insight is something that I have done quite often for a very long time and this practice I have found very enlightening. I do recommend this practice

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Oracle Blessings, January 22

Today we feel the moon shift from waning to waxing and perhaps we feel our own shift from letting go to drawing in. What is it that you wish to create? As we find the beaver in the center of

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Oracle Blessings, January 13

Boundaries can be very useful in keeping what we do not desire at arm’s length, but boundaries also keep what we may take delight in from ever coming into view. What is your definition of a healthy boundary? Many boundaries

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Oracle Blessings. December 6

As I prepare to pull the cards for this morning’s reading I contemplate the full moon energy of this weekend. In some cultures the last moon of the calendar year is called the Long Nights Moon; long dark nights ripe

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Oracle Blessings, December 4

Are you happy doing what you are doing? Do you wish that you could make a change? Indeed, these are big questions. It makes me wonder what it is that keeps us stuck in places that will not feed our

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Oracle Blessings, November 25

Do the challenges ahead of you seem intimidating? Do you doubt your own strength to be able to take the next step? This morning I draw a single card from the oracle of the Dragonfae. Tatsuya brings us the message

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