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Oracle Blessing, January 23

This morning I draw one single card from the archetype deck. How has communication been important in your life? Today the archetype of the translator will come to view. Listening closely to what is being said and hearing more than

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Oracle Blessings, October 31

Today we celebrate Halloween or Samhain. Our ancestors celebrated the harvest and prepared for the winter to come. This is also a time that our ancestors noticed the thinning of the veils between worlds, and if you pay close attention

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Oracle Blessings, October 14

Have you taken the time to stop and reflect on all that you have created? With all that has been experienced and all of the challenges that have been overcome and learned from, there is much to be thankful for.

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Business Oracle, October 13

Do you know who you are? This is a question often asked, and perhaps is it rarely understood? Who we are in business and in our personal lives is continually changing and shifting. This week the cards are telling the

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Oracle Blessings, October 11

Have you felt the nurturing rhythm in the unions that you keep? The light that shines from above reveals that this has been a dark time in the relationship with your beloved. This light also reveals that the ease of

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Oracle Blessings, October 9

 When was the last time you explored boundaries without boundaries? Our guides and angels will surely be with us today. You may find yourself connected with them in a place of nature, this may invite you to remove your mask

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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for October 8

What gifts do the full moon and eclipse bring to the collective today? What are you feeling inside? What does your intuition wish to share with you? Oh my gosh… The amplification of chaos and drama energies is incredible right

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Oracle Blessings, October 7

When was the last time that you shut down all of your distractions? Today I am using the Halloween Oracle, and the card I pulled talks of obtaining intuition and connecting with our third eye. “The intuitive mind is a

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Business Oracle, October 6

Are you a risk taker? The vision you see of the future may make little sense in this moment, divine inspiration seldom dose. Let go of what convention tells you to do and embrace what you are feeling in your

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Love Oracle, October 5

When it comes to love, are your eyes truly open? Crow energy brings messages and aid in opening one’s eyes. This may come to you as intuition, or that little voice in the back of your head whispering wise counsel.

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