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    Oracle Blessings, October 2

    Today we are honored to have our guest reader Rune. How does this reading touch you?   Thus sayeth the Emperor: Arrogance does not serve.  Use your power for humor and care, not for petty pride- a time comes this week where you will need to wear the crown to aid others, but you mustn’t […]

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    Oracle Blessings, September 30

    Have you felt the longing for silence and retreat? Your physical body has given much and is calling for nurturing. Your energy field is in much the same place and calls out for solitude. Do you know where your energy drain is? Physically your energy drain may be an illness or injury, your energy field […]

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    Business Oracle, September 29

    How are your connections serving you? How are you serving your connections? The connections you make in your day-to-day business is the lifeblood that feeds every part of what you create. “Do stuff, be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention […]

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    Oracle Blessings, September 27

    As you pause at the crossroads in front of you, what is it that you feel as you gaze upon the choices offered? As we feel the seasons shift in the skies above us and in the air around us, so too we feel the seasons shift deep inside of our souls. At this time […]

  • Do you feel secure and balanced in this moment? Emotions flow freely from the heart today. This free flow of emotions may affect your sense of security, bringing feelings of unbalanced energy. Take these feelings lightly and be kind to yourself, also remember that not all of these emotions are yours; some belong to others […]

  • What is it that you have achieved? Finding the time and space to relax and contemplate on the things that  have been accomplished, great and small, will bring peace and solace to this day. This is just preparation for accomplishments to come, indeed great things are on the way – – as long as passion and […]

  • Are you compromising for the sake of love? In the relationships with our beloveds; there will always be compromises, but if these compromises are unbalanced for too long a time, then the energy and passion in our relationships will be strained. A blended and balanced relationship builds energy and passion comfortably and freely, but this […]

  • What is the fire that is burning in your soul? Creativity abounds today. Allowing creativity to express itself in its many forms will feed the fires that burn deep in the soul. There is a Shadow side to creativity as well. This day the flames of judgment will not serve the greater good. “Discovering the […]

  • Are you willing to open up to what this day offers without hesitation or reservation? Indeed, what this day offers may trigger resistance. This may indeed be a chance for you to experience life outside of the box that you have created, even if just for a moment. On the surface, it may appear like […]

  • Have you experienced that you have been able to show up as your true authentic self without internal judgment? Blending in a group setting has a tendency to shine the light on our differences. This brings great opportunity for growth and understanding of who we are as individuals as well as who we are as […]