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ZenNews, June 2

In this newsletter we will talk about the classes and gatherings offered by ZenSpirit in the coming month, also touching on the burst of creativity at PhotoZen. Sarah is offering some thoughts on asparagus. And we look into the theater

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Oracle Blessings, March 13

How will you fill your plate today? This morning the Oracle of the Dragonfae offers up The Lovers at the Feast card. Today like any other day, but perhaps a bit more important in this moment, remember that you are

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Business Oracle, March 9

Can you feel the change in the air? Are you resisting this change for reasons you do not understand? Today we look at the week ahead in regards to business endeavors. The message that we receive is not only for

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O Pumpkin! My Pumpkin!

Why your jack-o-lantern deserves better.             If you get this reference, you’re probably wondering why the heck I am using a poem by Walt Whitman as a metaphor for winter squash. The poem O Captain!

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