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Business Oracle, April 13

Where will you find beauty?

How will you create beauty?

april 13 2015

Today I ask the cards what will be in the business weeks to come. I am using two decks, the Mystic Oracle and the Leonardo DA Vinci Tarot.

The energy of the week will revolve around beauty, perhaps it is time to open your eyes and see the beauty of what you have created or what it is that you do. Even with the vision of beauty the week has to offer; there also promises conflict and perhaps fear as well. When the conflict and fear arises, it will be best to be wise and use your intellect instead of brawn to work through a situation that may prove to be a bit challenging. There is no need to be weak, but also there is no calling to be a target.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.


This may also be a time of growth and nurturing even though it may not be apparent yet. Allowing the week to have its own pace will open up space for growth in some fashion.

Even though there may be conflict clouding the beauty that you see during the week to come there will also be friendship and trust building as well. There may be even more beauty as there is a friendly partnership that may turn out to be quite the journey.

Opening my eyes to the beauty that I see I offer you today’s mantra;

Harsh words

Angry thoughts

These may come on my way

But there will be beauty within those thoughts and words as well

And that is what I choose to see

~Dana Nöllsch~


Business Oracle, December 15

Do you know your place?

Do you really fit on an organizational chart?

December 15

In the week to come it will become very apparent that hierarchy matters. This is a wakeup call for you to take a look at where you are in the hierarchy and come to an agreement with yourself of where you wish to be in that hierarchy. Indeed, you have much more influence over the organizational chart than you realize.

In any relationship, business or personal, if there is no room for flexibility in the hierarchy, the door will be open for frustration and failure.

 It all may come down to one word “Ambition”; do you wish to explore what ambition is for you?

Realize this; the organizational chart is not just for business, it is actually part of every relationship that we have. Never forget that this organizational chart is ever-changing, ever shifting and very dynamic.

To quote Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “know your damn role”, but also in this week we can say “create your damn role”.

Contemplating my own place in the organizational chart I offer you this mantra:

I discover my role

I embrace the responsibilities

Always ready for change

I create my role.. With joy

~Dana Nöllsch~