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Oracle Blessings, June 21

Where has loyalty found you?

How have you offered loyalty?

June 21 2015

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This invites us to wake up and see things clearly as the sun will shine upon us with generosity and joy.

In the week to come it is for us to be open to and explore the concept of loyalty; the loyalty we offer and the loyalty that we freely accept.

The path calls for blending; the blending of body, mind and spirit as well as offering energy to the tribe and keeping energy for oneself.

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.

~Zig Ziglar~

Ultimately, there are many lessons to be learned in the week to come as long as you keep listening and keep your eyes open.

What will be revealed is the importance of gratitude and ceremony when it comes to your connection with nature. Celebrate the sun as she shines her gifts upon you, and celebrate yourself as you enjoy the gifts that are offered and the gifts that you share.

There is time for rest and there’s time for work and during the week to come rest and contemplation become necessary.

I offer today’s mantra as freely as the sun shines upon us:

I dance in her light

She never fails

Loyal every day

Showing an example

For us to emulate

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessings, June 2

Can you achieve your desires without the help of others?

Are you ready to ask for that help?

June 2 2015

When you came into this life there were certain agreements that created the destiny of the path that you walk. From time to time we may be offered a glimpse of what that destiny is in the bigger picture of why we are here. In this time what may become more apparent is how our destiny intertwines with others, and how our openness to blending comes into play. Continue reading Oracle Blessings, June 2

Oracle Blessings, April 15

Are you ready to be gracious in defeat?

Can you allow failure not to take over your thoughts?

April 15 2015

Today I draw a single card from the Maya Tarot Deck, and indeed the message may not be as bright as one would hope.

Frustration and failure will show up today. It may not even be noticed if you are truly balanced and at peace with what you have created, but if you are off-balance and not happy in your life path this will be a telling sign and may give hints where adjustments are being called to be made.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

~Robert F. Kennedy~

There may be a moment of choice, a temper tantrum may feel good in the moment, relieving some of the emotions, but is it the best thing in the long run? This moment will reveal the high road and your choice of the road that calls you.

Waiting for the shoe to drop I offer you today’s mantra:

Opening to the conflict

Examining the meaning

This is my chance to expand

~Dana Nöllsch~


Business Oracle, March 23

Who is it that you serve?

How is it that they serve you?

March 23 2015

Today we ask the Dark Grimoire Tarot what may be in the week to come regarding our business ventures.

Pulling the devil card from this deck may seem a bit ominous, and indeed the message may bring some deep shadow work. Taking a look at the things that we have put in the background, not wanting to look at them deeply, knowing now is the time to open our eyes.

You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow with them.

~David Green~

So much of what you do is being of service to others. This does not necessarily mean that this is a place of slavery, but indeed at times that may be the feeling. Keep your eyes open during the week to come and notice when you are being of service to others and when others are being of service to you. There should be an overall balance of give and take. There may be a change when you realize that you are offering to others from habit or misguided feeling of responsibility. Allowing others to succeed or fail by their own actions can sometimes be the kindest thing one can do.

Are you ready to let go of what you took ownership of?

Are you ready to draw in those who may offer guidance and wise counsel?

Calling in the abundance of both giving and receiving I offer you today’s mantra:

I offer freely

I accept graciously

Knowing when to offer a hand up

Knowing when to offer autonomy

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Blessings, March 6

Are you open to accepting protection from another?

Have you wrapped yourself in a blanket of energetic protection hiding from what you perceive wishes you harm?

March 6 2015

Today we draw a single card from the Earth Power Oracle; this deck speaks of places around the world that offer great power and deep insight.

When it comes to the concept of protection many things come to mind, the protection that comes from another human in this Earth-based reality, the protection we give to ourselves with insight and intellect, and perhaps energetic protection that we call in with magic and stones and intention.

I am a Spiritual being, protected by angels, helped by guides and infinitely loved and supported by source.

The card we drew is the obsidian walls, which are found in Yellowstone. Obsidian has long been used as a stone of protection, putting up energetic barriers when needed. Today picture that obsidian stone in your mind or carry it with you as you travel your path. Know that either way you are protected from the negative energy that wishes to influence your thoughts and emotions.

I offer you the protection of today’s mantra:

I am protected

I am able to protect

I am reliably able to rid myself of negative energy

~Dana Nollsch~

Oracle Blessings, March 5

What is it that you are fighting?

Why do you choose to go into battle?

March 5

Today we draw from the Mythic Oracle.

Ares comes to us as we pull a single card this morning. He brings us the message to step back and take a wider look at what is happening today. If it is into battle that you go today, be sure you have a clear perception of why and how. The battle that we are speaking of may be a simple conflict between two people or a difficult challenge that calls to be overcome. By taking a moment and stepping back and asking you yourself the question why, you may find a surprising answer that may lead you to avoiding the battle all together. There is always a choice as to how we hold ourselves in battle.

Bravely I offer today’s mantra:

I look at the challenge head on

Never flinching

I know why I am here

~Dana Nöllsch~



Oracle Blessings, March 3

Are you fully engaged in the lessons offered you?

March 3 2015

Today I draw the Hierophant from the Voyager Tarot. And this card begs to ask the question; are you taking the challenges and shadows offered to you to heart, and learning the deeper lessons that will guide you to a deeper transformation and balance?

People are afraid of what’s inside and that’s the only place they’re ever gonna find what they need.


The difficult times are not to be shied away from, but they are to be embraced fully. This is the lesson of the Hierophant this morning.

So as your path this day unfolds be aware of and embrace the shadows, challenges, and difficulties that may bring you to the next step in your evolution. Embrace them and make them the most transformative part of your day.

As I embrace all that is offered me, I offer you this mantra for today:

Embracing my challenges

Shining light on my shadows

This is my path

The path of the spiritual warrior

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Blessings, March 2

How will you choose to express yourself in the week to come?

March 2

As we start our week we are reminded to choose our words carefully, this may prove to be a challenge and perhaps a test.

The path ahead this week calls for slower forward movement. Wisdom takes precedence over speed.

The heart feels such change coming. There is no need to fear this change; it is just another step to our ultimate destination.

Take a look at your hands, what is it that you can create with them?

Is it time to think bigger?

There may be so many thoughts rolling around in the head this week. Even if we may feel like sharing this may not be the right time to open up. Be discerning with our words and with our actions, knowing that it is for us to protect ourselves this week.


Experience life in all possible ways — good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.



What is hidden is the pure ecstasy and joy in the days to come. This may not be as apparent as we wish it would be but keep your heart open and happiness will surely fill every empty space and bring light to your soul.

With all of this there will come a time of Revelation. What has been hidden deep inside your soul will make its way to your heart, this may not be an easy time, but this will open you up too so much expansion to come.

I offer this mantra my beloveds:

Today I am quiet

Choosing my words with wisdom

Embracing slow change

I will create even bigger

~Dana Nöllsch~



Oracle Blessings, January 10

As we start this weekend, take a moment and look deep into the mirror that reveals the reflection of your true self.

What is it that you see reflected back?

January 10

Combining the willingness to shift and change with the openness of non-judgment will bring a deeper focus to that reflection you see in the mirror.

Are you willing to see your own shadows reflected in the clarity of the mirror that you gaze into?

We speak of the shadows quite often, and as we reflect deeply in our own quiet space the opportunity for transmutation in the reflection will become apparent. This will not be the easy path, but the rewards of self-discovery cannot be ignored.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

As the shadows come into view I offer you this mantra:

I gaze into the refection

Inviting clear vision

Without judgment

Blessings of Joy

~Dana Nöllsch~