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March 28

What direction will you take?

Who will travel this path with you?

What are you waiting for?


Who we choose to have in our lives colors our path and feeds our soul.

Those who choose us to be part of their lives are truly gifts from spirit.


Relationships hold energy today and the path ahead holds much guidance to those relationships. Impatience and dissatisfaction will not serve this energy but may be a part of this day’s journey..


There is much discovery in dream time. This may seem to be a place of hidden insight but as the moon energy wanes, the gifts of insight are strengthened. Look to the new moon energy for clarity..

What have you felt in your dreams?

What have you taken away?

Who has joined you as you dream?


A sleepy mantra for you this day: “My insight is strong, walking with purpose. I know the direction to travel today with my favorite ally by my side”


One foot in front of the other smiling all the way



March 24Have you felt the draw to go home?

                               What will you find when you get there?


The feelings of isolation are part of this journey, those feelings fuel our search deeper meaning and open our abilities to see deeper into the darkness..

Today you may feel the search for companionship calling to you; this feeling is a distraction keeping you in the illusion of safety. Isolation is what is offered and with that, doors open to deeper insight into that person reflected back to you as you gaze into the mirror. This is a gift of discovery and if you embrace the offering you may find yourself a few steps closer to home..


A mantra if you wish: “The journey home takes many steps, some hand in hand with another. Today I walk alone keeping myself company with story and song”


Love and Joy





march 19In today’s evolving world, we are exploring and healing the often misunderstood concepts of divine feminine and sacred masculine. We all embody both, regardless of our gender. Today’s oracle invites an inquiry and expression of key concepts that help to illuminate the emerging new paradigm of the sacred masculine. There are some ideas to consider of “his” sacred expressions. The sacred masculine: * cultivates inner beauty as much as outward expressions of attractiveness, courage and strength * feels connected to the earth in killing, cultivating or harvesting what is needed to survive, finding joy, honoring and gratitude in expressing strength and cunning * expresses joy, desire and authenticity as a sensual, sexual being, embracing both the giving and receiving aspects * accepts the dualistic nature of the Universe, embracing his roles as protector/destroyer along with his need and desire to be nurtured, in other words acknowledging the divine feminine that dwells within the power center of the sacred masculine * acknowledges oneness with the elders and ancestors, along with all of life * is willing to dwell in physical and non-physical realms, to be the practical agent of change as well as the mystic, shaman, or priest * fearlessly voices Truth from the essence of empowerment and confidence, allowing sound and song to serve as agents of transformation, surrendering ego to the higher calling of the divine * opens his heart chakra, in willingness to be and to express his vulnerability, even in the face of threatening emotions from within and without * is willing to dream his own dream, not surrendering his Self to family, tribe and community, but sharing his vision with passion and delight, but without attachment or ownership * invites rites of passage that honor all the generations that have been and all those to come, to honor the sacred masculine and divine feminine for all of time immemorial Your mantra today, Warriors of Light: “Today I acknowledge that I am both Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Today I celebrate the light that shines beautifully through me, as I allow my expressions of the Sacred Masculine to add healing to the archetype we all share.” ~ With love, honoring and encouragement for your own healing and discovery ~ Denise & Dana


What can you prove to be true?march 17

What do you feel to be true?

Is there a difference?


Science and intuition blending can lead to a deep understanding of more than you can ever imagine. Open your mind to test what is told to you, open your heart to feel what is offered to you, and open your soul to have faith in what you believe.


From above your guides and angels will speak with you today, your intuition may feel confused and untrustworthy and your voice shines bright as the spring sun. Listen to your guides and angels wise council but think twice before making important decisions or involve yourself in conflict, speak only of joy today.


From below distractions may keep you from grounding, creativity may elude you and reckless use of power is not a good idea today. Today is a good day for meditation and connecting to source consider spending time outdoors today to work toward balance.


The heart is the draw to passion and desire but without creativity the balance may lead to trouble and to the conflict you want to avoid.


You will find balance and a peaceful way of being with the waning moon energy this week and next. Focus energy flowing out during this time.


As the sun rises I offer this mantra of self-reflection:

“Seeing the good, I walk my path today. Feeling the joy, my steps are lively. Knowing my hearts desires, my path is clear”


With Joy and With Love








Have you felt as though your eyes have opened?
Is your heart crying for harmony?
Are you more aware of “The Truth” than before?

More and more of us are awakening from the illusion we have been living in. When one awakens to the stark reality it is often quite jarring and with that awakening there often comes enlightenment in the shadows. Looking deep into the mirror reflecting back at you is part of reaching for a life of higher vibration and connection to source as well as connection to one’s own soul..

The path today offers new ways of thinking that may bring new ways of living. These new ways of living offer harmony to one’s heart. How will you live with harmony replacing chaos? Will you miss the chaos in your life? There is a deeper truth found in achieving what it is one believes is the goal, acknowledging the truth of what brings vibrant energy to life..

What is hidden is the longing one feels for comfort and stability, so strong is this longing, being a part of this illusion that often there is an acceptance of less than what is deserved to serve the illusion of what is to be embraced. Letting go of the longing for comfort and stability will bring a deeper clarification of what is truly important in living in the higher vibrations the awakening offers..

I offer you this Mantra for this day: “Today I seek a deeper truth, the meaning to be held close to my heart. Today I celebrate the freedom in my soul by walking my path of awaking”

Your devoted attendant


March 12

What is the mask you wear?

How does that mask serve you today?

Blending in as one walks day to day life is a way to bring the perception of harmony, and indeed that harmony one feels may be true when one is looking for outward harmony. For inner harmony one can look to the true essence of one self and remove all masks to see what is true in the moment and who the person looking back, reflected in the mirror, is without masks..

The energy of this day may lead to a feeling of deeper presence, living in the moment. This way of being has the potential to bring a sense of tranquility and illuminating the conditioning of the group energy..


What did you dream of last night?

Was there something to be paid attention to in that dream?

The cards are showing that in that dream there are a messages and a gift as long as there is trust in the perception of what was dreamt..


I Offer these words as a mantra this day:

“In my sleep I dream, as I wake I trust. Each waking moment perfect and pure as each dream deep and rich”

With so much love


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Oracle Blessings for March 10th

March 10


What is it you want in this life?

What have you done to achieve that goal?

What will you do today to bring that goal closer to your heart?

These are the big questions. Many of us do not have the answers and those answers are often very illusive. Write down your answers to these three questions, and then write down another answer to the same question, do this five times for each question and be ready to adjust what you thought your life would hold as your answers may open doors and new ways of thinking..

Be balanced as you walk your path today, you will have energy pushing and unseen hands pulling you testing your resolve. Look to your feminine energy to be steadfast in each step you take. Take notice of the feminine energy with you as you walk your path today as well, this energy offers a gift as long as you can pass the test..

I propose this mantra Beloveds: “As a tightrope walker I test each step I take today, finding balance before I pledge my weight”

With love and joy




March 6


Today’s “Oracle of Divination” is dedicated to all the wonderful e-Women who gathered at Christine, Ink at the Second Street Offices in Midtown last night. Thank you all for joining us for the party and thank you too for your entrepreneurial spirits that bring so much vibrancy to our community. And now for the reading…

What do you see at the cross roads?

How do your feet feel under you as you take the next step?

Are you the Hunter or the Nurturer?

In your life and business, you are at a choice point. The Hunter is fully prepared to play big, to earn the game, to celebrate victory. The Nurturer tends to the foundation, preparing the way for a burst of growth yet to be. Are you strong enough to build, to be bold, in this moment? Or if you apply boldness, might the tower of life come crumbling down upon you as you taste your wine? The answers you seek for your next step lie just within grasp right now, if you are prepared to enter stillness and to hear the quiet voice of consciousness.

Your mantra today, Beautiful Innovators: “Today I embrace stillness, honor my insight, and enjoy the divine dance of creation.”

With love and honoring ~ Denise & Dana

Oracle blessings for March 5th 2014

March 5

Are you feeling your empowerment?

What remains in the way of you living your ultimate Truth?

The Universe conspires to heal and whole your essence. Are you willing to embrace your own full-Spirit? Today is one for releasing your stories, or at least transmuting those that still cause you pain or discomfort. The treasures of your soul long to escape their captivity, to express fully in glory and grace. There’s nothing short of complete rebirth at stake here. Are you ready?

You may notice synchronicities today that serve as blessings and opportunities. Your spirit guides and angels serve you this day, as always, by letting you know how aligned you are with the flow of the Universe, and how deserving you are of a Golden Future.

Your mantra today, Delightful Soul Journeyers: “As I ready myself for what will be, I see the tapestry, a weave of where I came from, where I am, and where I am going ~ a weaver of wonder. I celebrate all that I BE.”

With endless adoration, Beloveds ~ Denise & Dana

Oracle of Divination draw for the week of March 3rd through March 10th

March 3

Have you felt like an outsider?

Do you want to be part of the “In” crowd?

This week promises to be one of blending in. Feeling the joy of working and sharing the energy of the group will bring you much joy and feelings of accomplishment.  This collaboration will be the focus of your week if you choose it to be, there is a strong calling for this as there will be lessons to be learned..

Start this week by looking at where you could use some help with a project or with your feelings. Help is just a whisper away..

The week will end with the opportunity to take a chance, a leap of faith. Taking this chance will lead to the feeling of being restricted and held down. This opportunity is one of great energy drawing you in and perhaps taking control of your decision. Be discerning in the choice you make..

A mantra for you this day to consider beloveds:

“I walk this week with my friends by my side, becoming one in form and function”