Valentines Oracle, February 14

What is it that you are saving?

Are you ready to share the love you have saved?

February 14

Love is an energy that comes from the infinite places in our hearts and souls. Other emotions may come and mask our true feelings of love, but deep down our desire to give and our desire to receive love will always be part of who we are.

Today we celebrate our love for others, and open our hearts; this is an opportunity to show all of us that this is a way that we can live every day. Remember our attention today is focused and that focus can be embraced every day, there is no reason to hoard the love we wish to share keeping it only to express one day a year.

Passion belongs in every moment, love with passion, contemplate with passion, rest with passion, and eat with passion. This is one way to truly connect with the world around us and thrive.


There may be times of difficult conversations and hard work that may seem fruitless in the moment, but remember your heart holds wisdom that cannot be measured. Trust what your heart is telling you.

There is a hidden importance of embracing the emotions that you feel today. Even though you may be sharing time with the one you love, take a moment and go deep into what you are feeling as well. There is a message in the emotions that are coming for you today the message may not be crystal clear in the moment but indeed the message is of great importance.

All of us have grace and goodness within our souls, today open your eyes and open your heart to the grace and goodness of the one you love and allow them to see the same in you.

Passionately I offer this loving mantra:

I love

Sharing without fear

I love

Living with joy

I love

Opening without hesitation

I love

Listening with happiness

I love

Dancing with passion

I love

~Dana Nöllsch~