By Michelle Nollsch

May Is Bittersweet

The month of May marks a year I’ve been blogging. I started out blogging once a week and then eventually moved to once a month. As our business grew, it was becoming harder to research blog topics for each week. I found writing once a month was much more manageable for me. I want to provide good content for my readers, not just slop something together because I have to each week. Let’s briefly talk about May.

Why Do I Blog?

Now back to the reason why I blog. Blogging has been a healthy outlet for me. I have always enjoyed writing, whether it be poetry or journaling. It would be fun to write a book someday. We will see where my writing skills take me. If I applied myself, I know I could make money blogging, but for now, I am just having fun sharing my life with you all.

Who knows, maybe I am helping someone out there achieve their goals.
As long as we are moving forward, we can go as slow as we need to slow, and steady wins the race! Taking baby steps and being consistent is helping me achieve my goals little by little. I wanted to write my blog by mid-month, but I’m still earlier than last month. It’s progress, not perfection.

I am making progress in my fitness routine and feeling better each day. My creativity is starting to emerge. I am drawing and working on an art project. My home projects are coming along as well. We are doing well in our business, making money, and looking forward to the summer’s festivities. Life is good!