About Us

Meet Dana

As a Reiki Master/Teacher Dana Nollsch brings a desire and ability to nurture and aid in the healing transformation of his clients. One of the premiere Reiki practitioners in the Truckee Meadows/Reno area, Dana can trace the lineage of his training to Dr Usui himself. Combining Guided Meditation and Intuitive Tarot with Reiki, Dana has seen a dynamic increase in his client’s transformation. Dana comes from an engineering background, but has always nurtured his creative and metaphysical aspects. He founded PhotoZen in 2001, and has since become a successful entrepreneur. He began to explore energy healing modalities in the early 90’s, and began more formalized studies in Reiki through the Reiki Master level in 2013.

Meet Michelle

I am a gifted Level II Reiki Practitioner and an Empath. Through Mind, Body & Spirit I am a vessel assisting in the healing process whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually in performing Reiki. My soul purpose is to help others through my gifts & life skills. i have been in Public Relations in some form or other for most of my life. You may notice my certificate lists a different name. Dana & I were married in 2019 & I recently retired from my job of 26+ years working from home. Now i have time to focus on what’s important to me. I believe in living life, NOT just existing.

Through ZenSpirit, Together we offer Reiki, Guided Meditations & Intuitive Tarot to assist clients in discovering a deeper sense of their spiritual gifts and journey, experiencing more peace and tranquility, and achieving physical healing transformation. Consistently, Our work helps others to heal and to shine. In still-life photography, the subject is able to see the Self as a beautiful soul and essence captured in that moment. Through spiritual offerings, our ZenSpirit work allows the receiver – not only to experience the essence – but to further grow that into the light through expert, intuitive support.

Meet The Staff

Spike- The Boss
Lunis-The Observer
Jing Bing-The Princess