Alchemist Theater

Last night I had the pleasure of experiencing The Alchemist Theater; this is something I have done every month since they started, and  I look forward to having this experience every month.


Let’s talk about what to expect when you go to The Alchemist Theater: the first thing you will encounter is Mark Emerson and his group of very talented musicians and singers. The music is very beautiful and very inspirational, if you have not experienced the joy that Mark puts into his music you have certainly missed out.  Last night they brought out some Cat Stevens songs and talked about how that music inspired them to grow roots and find a place that they could always return to and feel home.


After the music starts Jessica Levity comes in with her message: last night it was about how our roots allow us not only to stay grounded but also gives us a method of growth drawing in nutrients from the shadows that we experience. Jessica has a subtle but intense way of bringing the message to your heart.


And the third part of this trifecta is Christopher Daniels: he offered a very spirited message along the same theme of roots last night. Clad in his signature toga and expressing nothing but fabulousness Christopher’s message is always quite rousing, entertaining, and thought provoking as well.


So these are the three principal players you will see but don’t mistake that their power overshadows the message. The message is always deep and very moving, at times there has not been a dry eye in the building for the message touches the soul at a deeper level than you would imagine.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate spirituality in a free and open environment this is the place for you. There are always healers in the audience and their energy mixes with the performers on stage to create a experience that will follow you for weeks to come.

The alchemist theater is every third Wednesday at  Good Luck Macbeth and the themes change month-to-month, the next service will be May 20 at 7 PM and the topic will be the Divine feminine.

This is a free event based on donations and reservations can be made here..


~Dana Nöllsch~