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Business Oracle, April 13

Where will you find beauty? How will you create beauty? Today I ask the cards what will be in the business weeks to come. I am using two decks, the Mystic Oracle and the Leonardo DA Vinci Tarot. The energy

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Oracle Blessings, April 5

Today as we take a moment and celebrate the fertility of Spring I offer you this fertile insight from the cards. Are you ready to see things from a completely new perspective? Have you invited the veils to lift revealing

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Business Oracle, March 23

Who is it that you serve? How is it that they serve you? Today we ask the Dark Grimoire Tarot what may be in the week to come regarding our business ventures. Pulling the devil card from this deck may

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Business Oracle, March 16

How important is teamwork to the success of what you are creating? Today we consult the cards in regards to business in the week to come. The cards we are using today are the Dark Grimoire Tarot and the Shamans

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Business Oracle, March 9

Can you feel the change in the air? Are you resisting this change for reasons you do not understand? Today we look at the week ahead in regards to business endeavors. The message that we receive is not only for

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Business Oracle, December 22

This morning we ask the cards what the week may hold in regards to our business relationships. This may also reflect on our personal relationships as well.   Even with all the distractions that surround us, can you keep your

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Business Oracle, December 15

Do you know your place? Do you really fit on an organizational chart? In the week to come it will become very apparent that hierarchy matters. This is a wakeup call for you to take a look at where you

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Business Oracle, December 8

Are you open to growth? Are you satisfied with things just the way they are? There are times when growth for growth’s sake will not serve in the long run. Moving forward does not always mean expansion; there are times

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Business Oracle, December 1

Has anger and disappointment brought you to the brink of exasperation? These emotions are normal and in many ways they can be healthy. Suppressing these emotions may in time destroy us from the inside, finding a way to vent these

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Business Oracle, November 24

Are you seeing clearly? Is there something that you are missing? Intuition can be a great tool, even though there may be very little facts to back up what you feel. When it comes to business decisions often time’s intuition

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