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Oracle Blessings, June 2

Can you achieve your desires without the help of others?

Are you ready to ask for that help?

June 2 2015

When you came into this life there were certain agreements that created the destiny of the path that you walk. From time to time we may be offered a glimpse of what that destiny is in the bigger picture of why we are here. In this time what may become more apparent is how our destiny intertwines with others, and how our openness to blending comes into play. Continue reading Oracle Blessings, June 2

Oracle Blessings, May 17

Has your loyalty been tested?

Have you seen an example of loyalty to the bitter end?

May 17 2014

This morning I am using two Oracle decks and asked the question; what will next week offer?  The decks I use are the Medicine Cards and the Tao Oracle.

The question of loyalty comes up in the cards.

How have you been loyal to your friends?

Do you expect loyalty from your friends?

Continue reading Oracle Blessings, May 17

Oracle Blessings, April 15

Are you ready to be gracious in defeat?

Can you allow failure not to take over your thoughts?

April 15 2015

Today I draw a single card from the Maya Tarot Deck, and indeed the message may not be as bright as one would hope.

Frustration and failure will show up today. It may not even be noticed if you are truly balanced and at peace with what you have created, but if you are off-balance and not happy in your life path this will be a telling sign and may give hints where adjustments are being called to be made.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

~Robert F. Kennedy~

There may be a moment of choice, a temper tantrum may feel good in the moment, relieving some of the emotions, but is it the best thing in the long run? This moment will reveal the high road and your choice of the road that calls you.

Waiting for the shoe to drop I offer you today’s mantra:

Opening to the conflict

Examining the meaning

This is my chance to expand

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessings, April 11

Do you feel drawn to helping others?

What are the gifts that you possess that can be used to help heal your community?

April 11 2015

This morning I open the cards and reflect on what may be offered this weekend. The cards I am using are the Medicine Cards, Oracle of Visions and the Tao Oracle. Often times I find using multiple decks can bring in a much more rich and complex message.

The raccoon tells us that we can help others, and others are looking for the help that we can offer. The path to reaching our full potential as healers begins with breaking out of the dogma and restrictions that we allow to hamper or forward momentum.

There are powers inside of you
which, if you could discover and
use, would make of you everything
you ever dreamed or imagined
you could become.

~Orison Swett Marsden~

Looking at situations from a totally different point of View will open your mind to a different way of being. What will be created from opening your mind up to this foreign point of view will indeed have its risks and potential for deep change, but the rewards may be quite substantial indeed.

With all of this; there is a great potential for furthering your self-discovery, who is it that you are deep in your heart and how is it that you wish to show up in the world. Indeed, this may be quite a busy weekend.

What is hidden though is with this great transformation that is possible; is the letting go of many things. Some of those things may not be easy to let go of. But these sacrifices are necessary for the forward momentum that is calling.

What will ultimately be revealed this weekend; if you can open up to the transformational energy that is offered, is a place of passion. This will be a passion for what you are creating now and being of service, and perhaps even a deeper understanding of your own spirituality.

Inviting self-discovery I offer you today’s mantra:

Breaking free from the cage that I have created

I see my heart expanding

Discovering what it is that I have to offer

I open my gifts to those in need

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessings, February 5

What is it that is pure in your life?

What is your definition of purity?

February 5

Kuan Yin tells us this morning that it is time to sort the threads that make up the fabric of your life. Embrace the purest of threads that align with your soul purpose and release the threads that do not quite fit so that they may be woven elsewhere.

As we feel the moon energy shifting from waxing to waning, we are drawn to letting go so that we may allow an invite when the time feels right.

Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

Chief Seattle

As I sort the threads in the tapestry of my life I offer you today’s mantra;

I weave the intricate pattern

Life brilliant and full of color

Knowing this time is for sorting

Waiting for the time of gathering

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Blessings, January 22

Today we feel the moon shift from waning to waxing and perhaps we feel our own shift from letting go to drawing in.

What is it that you wish to create?

January 22
As we find the beaver in the center of the cards we hear our own dreams and ambitions calling. This is telling us that this is the time to create and to draw in the elements needed to build the life we wish to live.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we walk through the forest of our dreams, feeling the sand between our toes and the sun warming our skin we may feel that the path is lost, there is no need to worry destiny will soon reveal itself.

What is it that makes you unique?

This may not be a question that can be answered right now, but it is a question that should be asked. The discovery of our hidden talents will reveal much about the path that we search for.

Can we let your heart sing and dance with unfettered freedom?

Allowing our hearts desires to take hold and honoring those desires will empower our conscious evolution. The path ahead is easy to find as long as we do not look too intensely.

There is an inherent skill set that lies just out of reach, and with this will be revealed the true magic of creation. Call on your ancestors, the ones that come to you in your dreams and whisper wise counsel. They will aid in revealing to you the direction of the lost path.

As I feel the sand between my toes and the sun warming my skin traveling through the forest of dreams I offer you today’s mantra:

My heart will guide the way

Letting go of all doubt

The path to creation will come into view

With soft whispers and wise guidance

Offering Blessings

~Dana Nöllsch~