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  • Feng Shui Tarot

    Feng Shui Tarot

    My weekly Oracle reading using the Feng Shui Tarot cards by Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Eileen and Peter Paul Connolly.

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    Love Oracle, January 4

    Tonight we celebrate the Full Moon, the Wolf Moon. Feeling her energies and opening up our hearts to the light that she will shine upon us. This Wolf Moon will activate emotions and if allowed may also invite conflict. Be aware of the energy you share as the wolf influences your words.. Today we consult […]

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    Love Oracle, December 21

    Today we celebrate not only the first day of winter, but we also celebrate the passing of the New Moon; passing from Waning to Waxing. In this time we stop letting go and start drawing in.   Have you taken the time to take a step back and just watch yourself? Fox joins us in […]

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    Oracle Blessings , December 20

    This morning I am using the Medicine Wheel Spread and the Vision Quest Tarot. Feeling the solstice energy and the new Moon coming this weekend I open to what the cards offer and listen to the whispers of the elders. What is it that the earth will offer you today? The earth freely offers much. […]

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    Love Oracle, December 7

    When you think of love, what is it that comes to mind? When you think of abundance what is it that comes to mind? When you put the two together, love and abundance, what is it that comes to mind? Harmony is the key to creating that abundance of love that you seek. With harmony […]

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    Oracle Blessings, November 6

    Tonight’s moon is called the Beaver Moon because it was the time to set traps, before the waters froze over. This may call to mind of the things to do and the things to enjoy before winter is upon us. As the moon is Full and high in the night sky, do you feel your connection to […]

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    Dana’s Cards. October 8

    As we feel the moon energy rising and we prepare for tonight’s Full Blood Moon I am compelled to share my full moon reading with you. Perhaps you may find some wise council there as well?    As the Blood Moon is here what is it that I fear? The ancestors teach me much about […]