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Oracle Blessings, May 5

Are you ready to open your eyes and see your role in a dynamic situation?

Can you let go of fear and ego to see reality?

May 5 2015

This morning I draw a single card from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle.

This card whispers much, perhaps a bit louder than just a whisper. What we see reflected in the image in front of us is the combination of pleasure and pain as we allow ourselves to open and bloom.

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

~Bob Marley~

As we open to the wonders that surround us, we also feel deeper the pain that comes with seeing clearly. Today we are directed to look at a situation that may be problematic; opening our eyes to see the reality of our part in what may be confrontational. This is not a time to let our ego get in the way, if we are at fault it is time to admit it, first to ourselves and then to those who are influenced by the situation. We may feel the pain and displeasure from those thorns digging into our skin, but we cannot open and blossom without them.

As I tend to the garden of my soul, I offer you this mantra:

I blossom in beautiful colors

Opening to the world that is offered to me

Seeing truly my many roles

Knowing my imperfections and humanity

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessing, February 6

Today I am using a new Tarot Deck. The Voyager Tarot. I am finding the symbology very deep as you may find as I interpret this morning’s reading.

Thank you Jann for this amazing Tarot Deck.


How have rhythms played a part in your life?

Have there been times when you wish you could’ve changed the cycles of your own rhythm?

February 6

As you walk your path today, you may find that the path gets narrow. This narrower the focus will serve you well; this is not the day to be easily distracted.

Community calls to your heart, cooperation and teamwork are offered freely. This may be the perfect time to think of the bigger picture, what it is that you cannot accomplish by yourself.

The answers to what it is that you are creating may not come easily, but indeed this is one of those times where it is not the destination that is important but the journey.

Your mind may be a bit open today to the effects of those around you. This is something to be aware of especially if negativity from those around you creeps into your own thoughts.

Music and rhythm find their way into secret places of the soul


All of this leads us back to our own rhythms. What have you noticed in your own repeating pattern that brings enjoyment? What have you noticed in your own repeating pattern that has brought sorrow?

What is hidden with all of this is your opportunity to learn much about yourself and with that learning making a discovery of the fears that keep you on your own repeating pattern. Perhaps this is the time to embrace the rhythm of love and let go of the rhythm of fear.

As I feel the rhythm of the Moon diminishing her light I offer you today’s mantra;

As I listen to the rhythm of the music

I open to the knowledge of self

With no room for judgment

I get to know myself on a deeper level

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessings, January 29

Have you prepared the soil for the planting of the seeds?

January 29

The opportunities you’ve been asking for are here, perhaps in the form of a fertile field ready to have the seeds planted. Demeter tells us that now is the time to prepare the field for what we wish to grow, this may be taking care of financial issues for future planning or addressing health issues that have been put aside. There is also wise counsel about discernment.

What is it that you choose to grow in your fertile garden?

What is it you choose to leave out?

As you walk the path today there will a time of clarity and knowing, this is not to be taken lightly. With this revelation there will also be a change in how your heart feels, your desires may shift even if it’s just a little but perhaps it may be quite a bit. With whatever you create this day, remember to do it with love and compassion; there is no need to be dramatic. Allow the songs that run in your head to guide in new desires and influence your vision.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

~Dalai Lama~

What is hidden is that when you are being true to who you are, how that will affect others around you. The example you set touches many more than you could ever realize.

What will be revealed is the importance of being strong and holding true to your beliefs, desires, and honoring your true self today, it is not about being influenced by others but today is for all of us to explore our own soul purpose.

In order to know the infinite you have only to explore the depths of your own being

~ Socha

As I open to the clarity offered to me, I also offer you this mantra to you:

I tend to my field

Tilling the soil and counting the seeds

Strong in my resolve

Exploring my true soul-purpose

Excited for the harvest

~Dana Nöllsch~




Oracle Blessings. December 6

As I prepare to pull the cards for this morning’s reading I contemplate the full moon energy of this weekend. In some cultures the last moon of the calendar year is called the Long Nights Moon; long dark nights ripe for quiet contemplation.

There will also be some strong planetary alignments this weekend that are heralding in a desire for profound change. In the Power Path Report of the full moon they say it is time to look at the choices regarding responsibility and making an inventory of what needs attention. Here is a link to the power path report.

Power Path FULL MOON UPDATE 12-6-14

And now let’s see what the cards tell us this morning.


Can you examine the truth with open eyes and a pure heart?

Are you ready to have the uncomfortable conversations with yourself?

december 6

Contemplation and examination may reveal the true nature of your Soul-Purpose in this moment. There are times that call for close examination of the quality of life that we are living and the quality and strength that we are demonstrating. Having a better knowledge of our true purpose will better enable us to live our own truth. This weekend especially marks a time that is ripe for self-examination and being open to discovery of our Soul-Purpose in this moment.

Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose

~Leonardo Da Vinci~

As we walk the path that lies in front of us; our intuition will be greatly heightened. This is part of the opening and self-discovery of this weekend.

Cleansing and purifying the heart will also open up space for new energies. Rekindling of passions can only come as the old energies are washed away. This is a great time to contemplate our true needs, wants, and desires.

As these discoveries are made perhaps a new path will open for us to create our own luck and prosperity. This may be the place of future work, knowing what we wish to create and working for exactly that. Make no mistake this may be a foreshadowing a great deal of work to come.

As we go deep into self-discovery and knowing our desires; trusting the emotions and feelings that come to us is very important. Our intuition is strong as the planets align with the moon energy that shines upon us; we will know deep in our hearts what is our true Soul-Purpose in this moment.

What is hidden is the guidance that is offered from our guides and angels as we go into self-discovery this weekend, their whispers may be soft but the meaning is certainly strong. This may also be part of our fate and what is truly meant for us. Trust that we are protected and guided as we go deep into the discovery and set the course for the future. As we fall deep into this work of contemplation and self-discovery there is great potential to find our true Soul-Purpose. This Soul-Purpose is what is calling us, calling us to make our mark in the world around us and realizing our true destiny.

As I feel the moon shining upon me lighting the way for my future, I offer you today’s mantra:

I examine what is in front of me

With a discerning eye and an open heart

Allowing my true nature to shine

~Dana Nöllsch~