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  • Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards

    Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards

    My weekly oracle reading using the Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards by Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Margaret Ann Lembo & Victoria Rose Martin.

  • Are you ready to open your eyes and see your role in a dynamic situation? Can you let go of fear and ego to see reality? This morning I draw a single card from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle. This card whispers much, perhaps a bit louder than just a whisper. What we see reflected in […]

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    Oracle Blessing, February 6

    Today I am using a new Tarot Deck. The Voyager Tarot. I am finding the symbology very deep as you may find as I interpret this morning’s reading. Thank you Jann for this amazing Tarot Deck.   How have rhythms played a part in your life? Have there been times when you wish you could’ve […]

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    Oracle Blessings, January 29

    Have you prepared the soil for the planting of the seeds? The opportunities you’ve been asking for are here, perhaps in the form of a fertile field ready to have the seeds planted. Demeter tells us that now is the time to prepare the field for what we wish to grow, this may be taking […]

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    Oracle Blessings. December 6

    As I prepare to pull the cards for this morning’s reading I contemplate the full moon energy of this weekend. In some cultures the last moon of the calendar year is called the Long Nights Moon; long dark nights ripe for quiet contemplation. There will also be some strong planetary alignments this weekend that are […]