The Portland Tarot

The Portland Tarot
The Portland Tarot

The Hanged Woman

An aerialist signals intermission-time to get clearer about your vision.


I possess the serenity to accept what I cannot change.

The Hanged Woman comes bearing a gift. Unwrap the “present” she offers, and you’ll find it contains a much needed time out. But be forewarned- you’ll soon be dangling from the ribbon it was wrapped in. Accept this restriction graciously. Don’t struggle or hold tight to your point of view. Instead, intend a positive outcome. Lean into your faith, and above all, emulate the weightless hummingbird who routinely suspends himself-joyfully-in mid air.

It’s time for a new perspective. Have patience and set aside your ego. Resist the urge to hold fast to ideas that no longer serve you. Get back in the flow. In time it will all make sense but for now things may be topsy-turvy.