Consistency In My Daily Life

Consistency In My Daily Life
Consistency In My Daily Life

By Michelle Nollsch

Inconsistency and Feeling Off Track

As I sit here working on my blog, which should already be published, I wonder where I went wrong. How did time get away from me so quickly? New opportunities in my workload have arisen, which is a good thing. I thought I was utilizing my time wisely. I know I am not alone in this predicament, but it’s still frustrating. Consistency in my daily life seems far away.

The same goes for my fitness routine as well. I start off w/ a plan and keep the momentum with motivation and discipline, but then life happens! For instance, I had a good exercise routine, but the smoke from fires crept into our city, and it wasn’t safe to be out. There went our morning walks! I did keep up with stretching in the mornings. The smoke was so thick it wasn’t safe to work up a sweat in the house either.

My respiratory system hasn’t been healthy since I got Covid in 2020. It’s better than it was, but any time in the smoke, I start coughing and can’t stop. So here we go! Two steps forward, three back-ugh! I’m all for going w/ the flow, but I still get frustrated having to start over. Where do we go from here? As soon as I can, I get back on track.

Staying Consistent and On Track

At times, all it takes is for me to switch a few things around to work for this season in my life. I have a regimented routine and can be to a fault. If I step outside the box and stay in the solution, I have a better chance of becoming successful. I made two changes this week w/ my exercise and work routine, which I think will help me in my productivity and goals.

Consistency and Trusting The Process

If I keep flexible and trust the process instead of the outcome, I will enjoy the journey more.