Earth Day 2015

This past weekend we enjoyed an iconic event here in Reno that marks the start of our Summer celebration.


This was Earth Day, and for quite a number of years, this has been the day people come out of hibernation,  enjoy some time in the park with friends and celebrate the beginning of a new Summer.


Many booths with people discussing conservation, health, and ways to make the world we live in better; is perhaps the root of the celebration. I would like to believe that the root of this celebration  is still  strong within the intention of the heart. But this has morphed into so much more than just a place to open our eyes about the world around us. Music, dance, yoga, food, and so much more is offered at Reno’s Earth Day Celebration.


As I walked and took in the spectacle I was struck by how many people came out to enjoy this day. I heard one estimate of over 20,000 people came this year. I find it quite amazing that many people come out to celebrate with each other and turn their attention toward the beginning of Summer. Of course this amount of people causes a bit of a parking issue, an alternative to driving is riding your bicycle. Riding your bicycle makes sense and they have created a safe place to put your bike once you get to the celebration.


One of the places I enjoyed was that area set aside for art, including a place for interactive art, where the participants can create their own art with everyone else beside them doing the same.


Child Painting

There were also many places for the children to enjoy hands-on experiences.

Climbing walllizardsand

And there were many choices of food being offered, many healthy and creative choices this year seemed to please the people who came.

food truck

I am always thankful when Earth Day comes, knowing it is a chance to catch up with my friends and make new friends as well. I also seem to walk away every year learning something new.

Did you experience Earth Day this year?

What did you walk away with?

~Dana Nöllsch~