Star Wars Shakespeare Parody

When was the last time you sang- along with the audience, and laughed so much your face hurt?

Do you know what Midi-chlorians are?


Last night I experienced the Star Wars Shakespeare Live Parody Show at Good Luck Macbeth presented by the Merry War Theater Group. This is a short run, one weekend only and only 6 shows.

This is one of those shows that the actors are having so much fun that it is contagious and they bring that fun right out into the audience. The audience even gets to participate in the show, being storm troopers, expressing the force, and even for a few lucky audience members coming up on stage and participating in some of the action. Oh and did I tell you about the sing-alongs? If you are a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic and Star Wars you will surely enjoy the sing-alongs.

IMG_1885 IMG_1983

Most all of us know the story well, but do you add in a bit of Shakespeare, and improv, and amazingly talented actors, you have one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. You may even walk away thinking of Star Wars just a bit differently dare I say.

IMG_1764 IMG_1799 IMG_1834

There is plenty of action, a bit of romance, and very intriguing costuming, C-3 PO (I’m just saying)

IMG_1901 IMG_1938 IMG_1952

In this production nothing is taken too seriously as the actors read from their scripts and are free to go off script anytime it feels right, and trust me it does feel right quite often.


This production is directed by Chase McKenna who also plays Princess Leia. Surrounded by her talented group of actors she brings so much fun and energy into this experience.


As I followed along with the story, listening intently at the Shakespearian influence and the unique phrasing and accents I was drawn into the story, reliving the first time I saw the movie and feeling so much joy. Walking away after the show I was singing the songs and reliving the experience we shared.


If you have the opportunity, and the show is not sold out, I do recommend going to see the Star Wars Shakespeare live parody show at Good Luck MacBeth.

Here is a link for you to get tickets..

Here is a link to see what else is coming up at Good Luck MacBeth..

~Dana Nöllsch~