I Ching Dead Moon

I Ching Dead Moon

I Ching Dead Moon

I Ching Dead Moon

3-Card Draw-Past, Present, and Future

Past- Fire Over Heaven

Mastery Of Oneself

Fire reaches heights and reaches towards the heavens converting the material into spiritual. Through humility we find knowledge.

One obtains without aspiring for something; the universe puts it into your reach. A time for achieving satisfaction in all fields. Polishing our imperfections we reach our lucky star.

Present- Water Over Fire


Fire with its flames heat up the water, if it is left too long time it can consume itself.

It should be preserved and consolidated that which is concluded. It is not convenient to relax although one has reached satisfactorily one’s objective. Things need their exact measurement, when they reach their decisive moment.

Future- Mountain Over Earth


The mountain elevates the earth to daunting heights, from the foot of the mountain and then once again sets it down in the valley.

The ascent and descent. A time of caution, one must be vigilant. The ascent can become into a descent. Wait prudently and patiently that one’s projects and illusions are not dislodged.