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  • Kuan Yin Oracle

    Kuan Yin Oracle

    Kuan Yin dances creative energy and light across the sky, causing blossoms to descend. In the same way, when we tap into our spiritual power of creation, we cause our life and all of life around us, to bloom. Creation is a natural spiritual power within you, beloved. Force can slow down the process. It is time to stop striving and to allow your manifestation to occur. Trust, let go, allow your creation to flow.

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    Oracle Blessings, April 10

    Are you truly ready to slow down? Is there so much to do, but do you believe that there is time to do nothing? This morning I pulled a card from the Tao Oracle, and as I lifted the deck after pulling that card another card made its way onto the table. Both of these […]

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    Oracle Blessings, April 4

    Are you on your path? Are you being true to whom you are the center of your core? Are distractions taking you to a place that you do not wish to be? This weekend there are distractions, in the form of drama. This drama calls out for you to serve it, giving your energy to […]

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    Oracle Blessings, March 2

    How will you choose to express yourself in the week to come? As we start our week we are reminded to choose our words carefully, this may prove to be a challenge and perhaps a test. The path ahead this week calls for slower forward movement. Wisdom takes precedence over speed. The heart feels such […]

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    Valentines Oracle, February 14

    What is it that you are saving? Are you ready to share the love you have saved? Love is an energy that comes from the infinite places in our hearts and souls. Other emotions may come and mask our true feelings of love, but deep down our desire to give and our desire to receive […]

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    Oracle Blessings, February 13

    How have your superstitions served you? Today I pull one card from the Halloween Oracle to celebrate this Friday the13th. The card I pulled is the werewolf. This speaks to us of many things; painful change, duality, and exploring our wild side. How does your duality serve you? Superstition tells us that today we play […]

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    Oracle Blessings, February 10

    What is it that you know of manifestation? We talk so much about manifesting our dreams, hopes, and desires. But what does manifestation really mean in the spiritual sense? I have found from my personal experience that manifestation can be very powerful and surprisingly so often times unexpected. The outcome meeting my desires on a […]

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    Love Oracle, February 8

    When you gaze into the crystal-clear waters of love, what is it that you see gazing back at you? Self-reflection calls in the days to come. What is it that you learned of love? What is it that you desire from the experience of love? As we walk our path it is important to remind […]

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    Oracle Blessing, February 6

    Today I am using a new Tarot Deck. The Voyager Tarot. I am finding the symbology very deep as you may find as I interpret this morning’s reading. Thank you Jann for this amazing Tarot Deck.   How have rhythms played a part in your life? Have there been times when you wish you could’ve […]

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    Oracle Blessings, February 5

    What is it that is pure in your life? What is your definition of purity? Kuan Yin tells us this morning that it is time to sort the threads that make up the fabric of your life. Embrace the purest of threads that align with your soul purpose and release the threads that do not […]