Using The Wisdom of Trees Oracle

Using The Wisdom of Trees Oracle
Using The Wisdom of Trees Oracle

By Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Jane Struthers Deck

Leaf Wisdom

Hazel- Corylus avellana


Hazel Deva Message

My history of being planted in hedgerows means I am an ancient guardian of boundaries, both physical and spiritual. Let me teach you how to set your own boundaries, so you know where to concentrate your power and wisdom.

History and facts about the hazel tree

In ancient times, the Celts believed that the hazel was responsible for fostering inspiration and wisdom, and so they honored it as one of their trees of knowledge. Since medieval times, forked hazel branches have been widely used as divining rods, particularly to find water. Each May Day, hazel was one of the trees that were brought indoors to guard against evil spirits. Now, the coppiced poles of hazel trees are used to make fences. The hazel is prized for its nutritious nuts, which are also called cobnuts. These can be eaten whole or pressed to make oil.

  • Native to Europe and western Asia
  • Bears catkins and edible nuts
  • Grows to 26ft (8m) tall

Beware of dissipating your energy by becoming caught up in ideas and situations that are nothing to do with you. Decide where your mental and emotional boundaries lie, particularly when dealing with other people.

Wow! What interesting facts about the Hazel tree. I found it fascinating! I love the topic also: Boundaries which are rooted in self care and necessary. We could all take a lesson in refraining from gossip and mind our own business. It’s ok to show concern for our family and friends but use discernment on who to share with. Observe and learn from others; then apply to your life situation accordingly.