Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

By Michelle Nollsch

Sense Of Humor

Archangel Michael suggests having a sense of humor may work highly in your favor. Set aside judgement and just observe the situation as is. I get a kick out of people watching. Human behavior can be quite comical. By gaining a new perspective on everyone’s behavior, you can easily detach in love. Humor allows people to drop their defenses and allow healing to the situation and relationship. So let love enter and take the reigns. God and the angels have a wonderful sense of humor and so do you!

Just know laughter is always the best medicine in most situations. if you are feeling moody, find a funny TV show or movie that is sure to perk you up! If you use comedy frequently, it may be your life’s purpose to join a class on comedic writing, acting or speaking. Enroll in a stand-up comedy class to increase your speaking skills and boost your self confidence. It may not be a bad idea to learn some new jokes as a way to help your relationships. Whatever it is you decide to do or not do, let there be joy! Live, laugh, love and just have fun!


Thank you for helping us see the humor in the situation so we can lovingly laugh at human nature. We are willing to view our experience in a new light in order to attract love and healing energy.