Reinventing Myself-Part 3

Reinventing Myself-Part 3
Reinventing Myself-Part 3

By Michelle Nollsch

Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Upon reviewing my previous goals, I see there are only two left. The goals I haven’t accomplished will remain on the list for the next three months. Since I have been consistent with three goals on my list, I think I will add a new goal to the list:

  1. Journal daily
  2. Declutter areas in my home
  3. Increase my exercise routine
  4. Take a class that educates me and interests me
  5. Create art or complete a craft of my choosing

I started with small goals and am proud to say I am achieving them little by little. It may be too slow for some of you, but this isn’t a race. It is simply for me at my own pace. I am journaling daily and increasing my exercise routine weekly. An art project I am working on is 80% done. I wanted to finish it before writing this blog, but it didn’t work out this time. I will post pictures in my blog next month.


I want to take a class this Fall but haven’t decided on one yet. Summer is here, and our calendar is filling up fast. We may do some traveling and explore different places. We need a vacation soon. A change of pace and atmosphere would be ideal!

New Goal

What should I add to my list? I am going to include cleaning and organizing the garage. This goal falls under the umbrella of decluttering areas in my home. By working on these smaller goals, we will accomplish our bigger goal of moving into the Master bedroom, which we will paint, carpet, and decorate eventually. Good thing we are not in a hurry! I hope you have a great summer. Get out there and truly live your life!