Reinventing Myself- Part 4

Reinventing Myself- Part 4
Reinventing Myself- Part 4

By Michelle Nollsch

Change of Seasons

Hello September! Autumn is my favorite season. I’m sure I have shared this before in my previous blogs. I just love everything about it. The colors changing colors on the trees, the cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, my boots and sweaters. What a great time of year! Things are slowing down now, kids are back in school, and we are ready to embrace the holidays.

Who else is looking forward to Halloween? We have already started watching horror movies. Dana loves those campy slasher movies. He could watch them all day long-the worse they are, the better! The psychological thrillers are my favorite, but I love the gore and supernatural ones as well. I’ve started decorating a little bit for Halloween. It’s so fun to decorate, and we try to add something new every year.

The List

This blog concludes my 4 part series of Reinventing Myself in 2023. It’s time to review my list again and see what I’ve accomplished over the last three months. Here is my list:

  • Journal daily
  • Declutter areas in my home
  • Increase my exercise routine
  • Take a class that educates me and interests me
  • Create art or complete a craft of my choosing
  • Cleaning and organizing the garage

Journal Daily

I have been consistent with my daily journaling. It grounds me in a way. If I start to feel overwhelmed, I refer to my journal, which helps me put things back into perspective. I can then prioritize and get back on track with what I want to accomplish for that day. It’s time to take it a step further and set up a quiet time to journal my thoughts or begin a sketching journal for my artistic side.

Make It An Adventure

As I continue to declutter areas in my home, I am finding creative ways to move, dispose of, and give away those items we no longer need. Pinterest offers tools to help declutter and even make it fun! We don’t have to stay stuck and overwhelmed. Stay in the solution and keep moving forward. I work on decluttering once a week. Sometimes, it’s a few hours one day, or I see what I can accomplish in one hour if my time is limited.

As I’ve stated before in my previous blog “Reinventing Myself- Part 3,” cleaning and organizing my garage will fall under the umbrella of decluttering areas in my home. I will admit it’s not as fun to tackle, but it’s good to discover new items and reconnect with old ones. I hope by making it an “adventure,” it becomes less of a chore.

Weight Loss

I recently went to my six-month check-up and was pleased to hear that I have lost 11 lbs. What a happy day that was for me! Little by little, I have been increasing my exercise routine, and it’s paying off. I have hypothyroidism, and it’s been so difficult to lose weight. I’m working closely with my doctor, along with medication, and I am seeing results. I intend to be mentally healthy and physically strong despite weight loss. I know that may seem weird, but it’s working. When I focused on just losing weight, I got nowhere!

Future Classes

As far as taking a class, I’m looking into tutorials for WordPress. There have been updates to our websites that I need to learn for our home-based business. I’m also looking into tutorials for Procreate to enhance my creativity using my iPad. I’ve been practicing a little bit and really find it interesting. My husband creates digital art almost daily using Procreate and loves it. We highly recommend it.

Arts and Crafts

I am working on an art project, but it’s not finished yet. I will share pictures of my finished work once I’ve completed it. Eventually, I would like to make a space for our cats and hang the arts and crafts I’ve created in that space. I’m enjoying myself and find it very therapeutic. The images on this blog are some of my original art work.


Tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary. It’s been an amazing four years! We are going to spend the day together in Virginia City, NV. Our wedding rings were bought there and we always have fun when we are there. Here’s to enjoying many more years together. Well, that’s all for this month on my blog. Enjoy what’s left of this month. I don’t know about you, but hasn’t the month flown by?