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  • Fairy Tarot Cards

    Fairy Tarot Cards

    My weekly Oracle reading using the Fairy Tarot cards by Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Radleigh Valentine’s deck.

  • Oracle Of The Dragonfae

    Oracle Of The Dragonfae

    My weekly Oracle reading using the Oracle Of The Dragonfae by Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Lucy Cavendish.

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    Love Blessings, March 8

    As you gaze into the calm waters of your heart, what is it that you see gazing back at you? Today we draw from two decks of cards. The first being the Medicine Cards and the second being the Lovers Path Tarot, and we ask the question; what may the week to come look like […]

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    Dana’s Cards, January 1

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing several Oracle Readings for friends, clients, and students regarding the year to come. This morning on this first day of the New Year, I share my own personal reading of the year to come with you.   What doors will be open in the coming year? What memories […]

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    Oracle Blessings, December 13

    What will it take for you to trust your intuition? Are you willing to look beyond the filters that keep you from seeing what should be so very clear? Salmon enters this morning’s draw to tell us of the potential in trusting what we know and our ability to see clearer as long as we […]