Fairy Tarot Cards

Fairy Tarot Cards
Fairy Tarot Cards

Seven of Winters

There is a better choice. Not seeing things clearly. Running away from the truth. Wanting to be alone. Things not going according to plan. Avoiding unwise partnerships. Self-deception.

Review your current plans to see if changes may be necessary. As time passes, the reason for disappointments becomes clear, providing you with even better opportunities than you had previously imagined!

Ask God, the angels and fairies who does or doesn’t have integrity. Sadly there are people who hide their real intentions. Tune into your intuition and you will be given signs and messages to show you the truth.

Do not ignore red flag warnings! They will expose those who are lacking honesty. Although you see the best in people, it’s time to remove the blinders and acknowledge that some peoples actions are dishonest. This will allow you to avoid painful situations and dilemmas.

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